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Ayahuasca retreat - shedding the baggage and the search of self

Ayahuasca can be seen as an unraveller of the knots of our lives. Where the elements that no longer serve are cast aside and disassembled.

We enter a process that sheds this baggage from our being. These take the form of ancestral DNA, personal histories of scarring or regrets of the past. And the release of the grip of addictions.

Coupled with this is Ayahuasca’s ability to bring states of divinity and bliss - to give us a taste of eternal life.

The work with the medicine places an emphasis on understanding Oneself in the face our own and others' lives. Ayahuasca is an amazing tool which enables us to investigate our role and responsibility in the grander scheme of life.

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Pitt Ewart

Pitt Ewart

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Shamballa shaman Pitt Ewart shares his experience with Ayahuasca

Mystical world of Ayahuasca

This mystical world of ayahuasca encourages us to breathe the significance of what is life back into our world.


This reorientation of the self back towards the center requires no fixed belief or dogma. It requires no handing over ones power or excessive investment in “figuring it out”. A leap into the essential trusting in an unfolding path.

Shamballa program - designed for a western mind 

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Our Ayahuasca retreat opens both the doors of healing as well as personal growth and spiritual search. Shamballa places focus on a western lifestyle and its challenges specifically focusing on questions relevant to the western environment. For that reason we have had multiple participants from UK in our previous retreats.

This laborious climbing the ladder so pertinent to the western world, is a road that dulls curiosity and enthusiasm quickly, it is dry. Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreat is designed for You to open the doors to Your personal freedom and happiness and raise questions about our constructs of reality.

Shamballa goal is to bring practical and transcendental knowledge into participants life, ie. transcending the limitations of self

In our Ayahuasca retreat we incorporate many different frameworks and therapies to equip participants with a more coherent whole:


Meditation - Yoga - Breathwork - Spiritual Psychologies - Coaching - Artistic Expression - Feminine & Masculine Work - Ecstatic Dance - Sound healing - Massage 

Buddhism and middle East Sufism is the main influence from where we apply psychological techniques for the practical application. Integration is at the heart of Shamballa experience.

All participants will be introduced to an educational overview of the basic path of transformation as a skeletal guide for their spiritual journey from which we will together build on throughout the retreat.

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Shamballa Ayahuasca experience

The team at Shamballa Retreats all speak fluent English, making it easy to convey the principles . The facilities for the retreat are spacious and scenic , perfectly suited for the path of transformation. In many ways it looks like a monastery in the mountains of Himalayas. The food is vegetarian and organic, grown in the local regions. 

Meet Our Core Team


Pitt Ayahuasca Shaman

Pitt Ewart

Shaman. Musician. Integration facilitator. Masculine circles.

Gintare Petrauskaite

Gintare Petrauskaite

Ceremony facilitator. Integration and one-one coaching. Feminine circles.

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Marlene medicine woman

Marlene Hellthaler

Musician. Healing massage therapist. Healing Energy Sessions.  Post retreat integration Coach.

Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreat


Majestic Sacred Valley - perfect setting for an Ayahuasca retreat

Ayahuasca retreats for UK are retreats located in the majestic “Sacred Valley “a short 40 minutes journey from Cusco , the capital of the old Inca empire, Peru. Our retreats are situated in a picturesque part of the valley surrounded by two of the most sacred mountains. Many people from our Ayahuasca retreats like to engage in the amazing Peruvian culture.

The ayahuasca retreats are very close to the historical sites of Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo - visits that are perfect to combine with our retreats.

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Shamballa ceremonies

Shamballa ceremonies place emphasis on the development of music to create presence, beauty and awaken the mind. The sources of musical styles draw from all traditions and compile multitude of instruments and sounds. These diverse flavors give us the feeling of anew way of being.

This is accompanied with a high level of support from Shamballa team members and smaller size groups to ensure personalized care.

All-inclusive 7 or 14 days retreats with an option of private retreats

Our standard UK Ayahuasca retreats have spaces for 7 or 14 day retreats. We also have options for prolonged accommodation at the center to allow your being to breath this new space of openness.


Ayahuasca retreats UK are all held in small groups with the availability of private sittings . Private sittings are for defined goals and healings. In these arrangements we enter into confidentially agreements as it often concerns people in the social light who wish to contain the sharing of their experience. Please make a private interview with us concerning needs for intensive transformative sittings and an individual schedule and be prepared.

Our website has all the details and contacts, so please free to express you questions and needs to our team.


Get to Know more about Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreat

It is a very personal journey. Remember you can always have a call with us - our invitation and an opportunity to have your questions answered and get to know us personally.

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