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To ensure safety throughout this experience Shamballa focuses on 4 steps:

1. Personalized screening process

2. Small group sizes (≈ 10 participants)

3. Extensive psychological and medical care 

4. Free of charge after-care service



Shamballa Medical Intake Form

As part of the retreat reservation process all our participants will be required to complete our psychological and physical health form.

Each form will be directly assessed by our Shaman Peter Ewart that has over 15 years of experience with Ayahuasca and over 2,000 held ceremonies. 

It is essential that you are as honest as possible in the screening process in order to guarantee your safety whilst on retreat.


In case of medications and substance addictions we always design an individual program of preparation with specific plan for clearing residuals out of the system.


The information provided will remain confidential and will only be used in order to ensure the safest possible experience. 


Once You submit your registration form and reserve a spot in a retreat we will have a call with You to discuss your particular case in detail.

That allows us to ensure that this experience is perfectly suited for the person deciding to join Shamballa Retreats. 

Upon our discovery of any serious medical issues which would not allow You to participate safely in the ceremony -  we will return Your deposit within 3 days.


If You have any questions regarding your suitability for Ayahuasca prior to booking a retreat please feel free to schedule a free consultation.

A call with every participant


To ensure safety and personalized attention during the retreat our retreats are limited to ≈ 10 participants and each individual case is known very well prior to arrival. That also allows us to engage on a more personal level, which is how we prefer to work.


Our lead Shaman Pitt Ewart prior to medicine work had 25 years of training in Sufism and Shaolin martial arts. He also holds 700 hrs yoga alliance teacher training.

Furthermore, he had an in depth study of psychological aspects of the human mind throughout his involvement in G.I.Gurdjieff transformational systems.

During his years as a Shaman he has worked with a wide array of different medical cases within Ayahuasca field, ranging depression, addictions, one could say a full spectrum.

That makes him equipped to handle any complexity of cases with full confidence.


All Shamballa team members are hand selected by Pitt to ensure the same level of quality.


In case of having participants that require intense medical care and monitoring throughout the retreat, we always ensure to have a nurse on-board.

Another core element in such journeys is psychological and moral integrity. Many people traumas stem from violated issues of trust in their past.


Therefore we pay great attention to ensure personal and confidential heart opening spaces. All Shamballa Retreats have a feminine presence of Gintare Petrauskaite, that is highly involved in ceremonial work and day time integration (special focus on feminine participants and personal relationships).


After-care service is included in the retreat offering as we consider it a bear minimum needed to ensure a long - lasting transformational experience. We limit numbers of retreats per year in order to be able to provide this at a personalized level.

We provide a series of after care services starting at integration advice as well as on going services to balance our sense of self. Designed on an individual manner.

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