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January 6th-15th   2024





We have our mixed retreats. Open to the exploration of our own personal transformation and the invitation to dive deep into the form of the human landscape. It is a space for the opening of the questions of life and to explore the dynamics of our worldly relationship of male-female divinity. 


Of course, the work revolves around the use of this spiritualised substance Ayahuasca, and its ability to to open up the closed doors of our internal worlds and to introduce us to the vast repertoire of untaped human experience. The work is sacred and held in the context of questioning the meaning and purpose of our personal and collective worlds. It is not only an opening and clearing of blockages that inhibit our growth and potential, it is the exploration and expansion of the life we are seeking. 

Many of our participants are people who have already lived a lot of life, they have their occupation, profession, and education and well travelled. They have had relationships and experience in the depths of human complexity. Yet while we have all the trappings of the Western world we fall short in the expressions of our true happiness. This is a journey in honour of yourself and a recalibration and purification of beliefs. Leave this experience with a fresh map for your unfolding journeys of life. 

Collectively we open up this question about the personal and collective expressions of the fulfilment of life. Check out our website as it provides much information and our backgrounds Please make an appointment with us to discuss the intricacies of our work and your requirements as a journeyer of the world. 



Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreats

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