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1-1 Mentorship (Women Only) by Gintare - sending out the seed


I always deeply wished to share myself with the world or in other words be placed in a position where God wants me to be. As that by default means - I am being blessed and my presence is a blessing. 

I sent out that wish to God and patiently waited. Doing what I always do - widening my heart and my understanding of life, so I can wear my open heart without being crushed.

Some good time ago universe appeared on my door, and I answered. As I always do NOW.


She said - you are ready now to take on a woman under your wings, guidance and mentorship.


As opposed to designing a complex marketing campaign and praising myself as a coach (as I would have done few years ago) I decided to offer this word here. So it spreads by word of mouth and my seed lands in the perfect carrier. May universe take care of that for me through You all. 


This offering is an extension of me. It is who I am.


I call my mentorship ‘Path Of A Royal Heart” where I invite You, my Beloved Woman, to walk this Labyrinth of life together with me.


*** By Royal I do not refer to any distorted versions such as superiority or hierarchy. I am exceptionally inspired by old Hindu tales of noble men and women and their devotion to Dharma (truth), purity and life. And that is what royal heart means to me. Path of Devotion.


My Heart's Offering TO YOU

·       To release imprints of falseness manifesting as pain from Your life, as I continuously offer myself to the same sacrificial fire in front of You

·       Followed by embellishment of Your heart with beauty, expression, sprinkles of delight

·       Strengthening You by encouraging the greatest medicine we have and weapon against dehumanizing attempts to enslave us and make us conform. That medicine in my eyes is worthiness “I am enough just because I am” . Which I have been very blessed to be highly coded with due to being and exceptionally loved child “Mamma’s girl”

·       Once your machinery is running at greater capacity I will invite you into exploration of your deep feminine heart and its longing for love and containment “Journey shared with a Beloved”. ((**It does not really matter much whether you already are in a relationship, whether you are in search, whether you are unsure.**)

·       Beloved’s union is an ongoing most humbling, intoxicating and enriching journey of my life that I walk with my Husband. I wish to share this blessing with You using myself and my relationship as an open book and as your study material.

·       And at all times this will be done with utmost graciousness, sweetness and care but also ruthlessness when it comes to fleeing from toxic beliefs, distorted energetic imprints, projections. “My graciousness is only met by my ruthlessness” (quote by Gillian’s friend, thank You, so brilliant)


What I Will Need FROM YOU as a Carrier of This Seed

·       Full trust and surrender

·       Unfiltered access to your life’s book

·       Commitment for a minimum of 1 month, preferably longer (frequency to be decided together)

·       Support of my growth (such as investing in Gillian Pothier’s course) that is meant to be fed back to You and women to come. While I am clear within myself about value of my devotion, I am also clear that my biggest driver is not money. It is a perfect seeding and receiving. Hence if You feel money could be an issue but this feels very very resonant drop me a message.

·       A hell Yes attitude (it is simply because I cannot do what I am meant to do without your full YES)

·       Be ready for a very deep heartfelt bond with me -  I know myself as someone that cares very deeply and I do wear my heart on my sleeve.  As I say to my friends (which might not be plenty but truly profound bonds) -  “I would fly to the other end of the world if you found yourself in a situation where life collapses and you need someone to carry you out and replant your roots in a better soil”. On the other hand, my greatest wish is to strengthen you so life can no longer crush Your beauty, my Beloved friend.

·       Understand and agree to that : this will ask You to give up things you believed to be yourself as. Which will be excruciatingly painful and liberating at the same time. Painful in finding out you believed the lies (imprinted in our society conditioning) that chained your wings. Liberating – now you are offering yourself on the altar so you can die, rise as a Fenix and fly like your were always meant to.


You Are my Wind

I ask you all to spread the seed each time a wish arises, each time my word resonates in your heart. You literally are my wind, on which I depend and surrender to.


I know in fullness my Beloved Woman will appear soon.

And we will greet like old friends “Welcome Home”

If Your heart feels that this might be what you have been waiting for, please send me an email. I will welcome it as a greatest treasure


God’s Speed

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