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Ayahuasca and Sexuality


When you connect with another person in a sexual way, you share deeply the energy with that person and there is a great deal of a spiritual exchange. That exchange may cause you to “absorb“energies from another person which may not be in line with your own healing and transformation. So, to maintain the integrity and the momentum of your healing it is very important that you keep your energy to yourself. Therefore, we strongly recommend no sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation for one week before.

Energetic Space

The spiritual preparation for a healing experience involves clearing your mind and your energetic space. Take a break from your television and Netflix subscription, cut down your Internet time, try to listen to more relaxing music and spend more time in quiet solitude. Get out into nature as much as you can to breathe and connect with Earth. We also recommend you to have long and powerful rests the nights before the retreat. You may find the extra energy very useful.

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